Marion (weofodthignen) wrote in all_heathens,

Pagan Census

Apparently there was a big pagan census 20 years ago, whose results were published in a book. The same people, Andras Arthen and Helen A. Berger, are repeating it with things like the internet added. I know many of us have seen numerous pagan censuses on e-groups, but this one is apparently larger and more scientific. I think we should make our presence felt.

Unfortunately it has the usual flaws, starting off with the assumption we all use "pagan," extending to not offering "heathen" (or "forn sed" or "theodisc") as an option, though Asatru and Odinist are there, and some of the questions were hard for me to answer. But if you want to stand up and be counted (maybe leaving long comments like me), the address is:

It's anonymous, though it does ask about marital status and subjects of study in further education. And annual salary.
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