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2000th Anniversary of the Battle of Teutoburg Forest

Wes ðu hal!

This year marks the 2000th anniversary of the pivotal Battle of Teutoburg Forest. As heathens I think we are duty bound to celebrate this historic occasion in the appropriate manner with blót to our great gods who granted those ancient Germans victory, along with minni-drinking to those noble dead warriors. Since the battle likely occurred over a three day period believed to be from September 9th to the 11th, 9 CE, (that would be from a Wednesday to a Friday this year) I think it would serve us well to hold a special multiple day feast in honour of that mighty deed of those ancient heathens. Since the actual event is far off, this gives us plenty of time to plan and do it right.

So up for discussion, what else should we do in remembrance? Let’s get creative for there is much honour to be gain in this.
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