Marion (weofodthignen) wrote in all_heathens,

YouTube - basic heathen questions?

Hi all:

Those of you who read my own LJ will have already seen that I've acquired a webcam and have been shoving things up on YouTube (same name as on LJ, so the list of my videos is here). I'm currently reading Béowulf into it in Anglo-Saxon and modern English. I'm open to requests for Old Norse things to do after that.

But it also occurs to me that it might be useful for me to answer questions about heathenry, as a reference resource (a shorter supplement to the writings collected at the A Heathen Thing website for those who prefer listening/watching to reading). There's an introductory series on Asatru by vitnirulf, who is Vinterulf there, and several vids by Steve McNallen (smcnallen there), and there may be other introductory videos--and of course there are the Ravencast podcasts, but I haven't run across any FAQ-type responses. Anybody got any basic newbie-type questions that you think I could usefully include in such a thing?
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