jex (massacregoddess) wrote in all_heathens,

Introducing myself...

Real/Given Name: Jess

Heathen Name: Don't have one... yet

Current residence in Miðgarð: Currently I'm still stuck in Central New York State

Patron Deity (if any): I feel close to Njord & Nerthus, though Odhinn & Thor insist upon stealing my attention more often than not, Odhinn in particular.

Religious/Spiritual Background: Protestant, rather loose. Then at 12 I was introducted to Wicca (please don't cringe... I didn't really practice, though I was definitely considering becoming full-fledged Wiccan), then I branched out to Celtic Recon about two years ago. Then I found Heathenry...

Position on Asatru Fault Lines: I'm not sure what this means, but since I don't consider myself Ásatrú it probably doesn't matter.

Type of Religious Practice: I am an eclectic pagan. But Northern Trad. & Celtic practices are combined in my practice, more Northern than Celtic though. Also a bit of Slavic. The reasons for this are because I am of Germanic & Celtic background, along with a disputed Slavic background. I just go to the gods that call me... Currently though I go by "Celtic Heathen" or simply pagan. Either works.

Religious Community: None really. I have the internet. It is a great resource.

Education: Almost out of high school... I'm quite young, I know...
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